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DrumRacks with all the Sampler Rack Instrument: Bastard kit - Signia kit - Ludwig Super Classic kit. See description below
You need to have the "Sampler" Instrument.

Unzip the contents of the archive to your favorite directory.
Open the DrumRack in Live and give the path to the samples directory. Save. And pay me a drink.
antique ReaperDrummer BASTARD KIT
Complet Reaper Multi outputs ReaSamplomaticSound bank with:

Kick Sonor Antique kick 27.5 "
Snare 1964 Ludwig Supraphonic 14X5"
Tom 12" & 13" 1970 Ludwig
Floor tom 70" Rogers Holyday  16"
Hihat Zildjian K custom hybrid 13"
Crash 1 Zildjian Dark crash custom 14 "
Crash 2 Sabian HH 15"
Crash 3 Vintage Avedis  18"
Ride Paiste 2002 Heavy JazzRock 20"

Signia ReaperDrummer Premier Signia
Reaper ReaSamplomatic Separate Sound banks

Kick Premier Signia 22"
Kick Premier Signia Dbl head free
Snare Premier Vintage 14"X05"
Snare Pearl Free Floating Maple 1988 14"X6.5
Tom 12 " Premier Signia
Tom 13" Premier Signia
Tom 16" Premier Signia
Crash Cymbal Zildjian K EFX 18"
Ride Cymbal Bosphorus Master Vintage 20"

ludwig ReaperDrummer Ludwig SuperClassic 1964
Reaper ReaSamplomatic Separate Sound banks

Kick 20" Damped
Kick 20" double head Free
Kick 20" Jazz
Snare Black Beauty 14" X 6.5"
Tom 13" a
Tom 13" b
Floor Tom 16"
Snare 1970 Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 14"X05"
Crash Ride Zildjian Avedis 20"
Cowbell LP

 with the Tchackpoum ReaperDrummer samples

Kick Sonor Antique
Snare Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 14"X05" 1964
Rack Toms Ludwig 1970
Floor Tom Rogers Holiday 1970
Dark Crash Zildjian K Custom 14"

Crash Sabian HH 15"
Vintage crash Zildjian  Avedis 18"

Heavy Ride Paiste 2002 JazzRock 20"
Hihat Zildjian K Custom Hybrid only

Bastard set A update
Bastard Set B
Premier Signia Set Supra
Premier Signia Set Black Beauty
Ludwig Super Classic Set

Midifiles and drumloops
Click on the midifile name for download the midifile
Heavy Grooves 76 bpm:

Heavy groove 1

Heavy groove 2

Heavy groove 3

Heavy groove 4

Heavy groove 5

Heavy groove 6
Groovi 82 bpm:

Groovi 1

Groovi 2

Groovi 3
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